5 Bachelors & Miki in Mexico City 
What people say about the book:

"Her uncommon drive and motivation; her belief in self; and her sheer determination to survive and succeed; is the very example she sets for us all to follow. What an extraordinary personal success story! And what a true 'woman of the world'!"

 ~ M. Stanton

From the intrigue that preceded the dawning of the state of Israel to starting a family and many businesses in America, Miki Z. Bell has lived a life of challenge, adventure and intrigue. She weaves her way through some of the most significant events of the 20th century, living life on the edge, occasionally doing the impossible, but ultimately dancing through the adversity to where she is now able to reveal her inspiring tale of living life to the fullest, at any age!

~Robert Scott Bell

Author, Entrepreneur 
 Walking the Sinai desert, 
Chief of staff Moshe Dayan, 
Ben Gurion & Miki Bell

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An amazing story of one life, multi-faceted and 
multi-colored. What emerges is sheer 
enthusiasm, a love of life, and a willingness
to follow new paths with a positive attitude. 

Due to circumstances beyond her control, Miki at age 12 had to grow up quick,but with a creative and innovative approach to her life and business, coupled with hard work and a positive attitude, Miki succeeded beyond her wildest dreams in spite of the many challenges she faced along the way. Her life experience spans from the dawning of the State of Israel all the way to America, with captivating stories of intrigue, betrayal, survival and ultimately, achieving the successful outcome she worked so to achieve.

This is an inspiring autobiography told by a 79-years-young Miki and a must read for young and old! Miki Bell intimately shares her success story from rags to riches with the world to show that anything is possible, even under the most strenuous and challenging times.

You'll walk the Sinai Desert with Miki and Moshe Dayan; you'll travel to Mexico with Miki and live lavishly! You'll find your head spinning with excitement as she tackles new adventures, one-by-one and always with great joy!
​Miki & husband Luc (Homeopath) at  ground breaking for
 Newton Labs