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Miki Z Bell Photo Gallery
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#1. Wedding picture of my parents, wedding date: July 27, 1927
#2. Miki, 1 1/2 years old
#3. Miki with father and his friends
#4. Miki with mother at age 11 1/2
#5. Miki with sister Ruthie
#6. Miki in police uniform, age 18
#7. Miki with mother and dog ChiCha
#8.  Israeli Art Center in Lausanne, Switzerland
#9. Miki in bikini with Cousin Harold in Long Island private beach club
#10.1956, Sinai Campaign, Ben Gurion Deplaning, with Miki & Renana
  (Renana, Ben Gurion's daughter)
#11 Miki, climbing on jeep at Sinai desert with Ben Gurion Head of State
#12. Walking the Sinai desert, Chief of staff Moshe Dayan, Ben Gurion & Miki
#11. Viewing Sharm El Sheik from tower
#12. 5 Bachelors & Miki in Mexico City
#13. Miki & husband (Homeopath) Luc at new ground breaking for Newton Labs

BELOW:  Miki at convention representing Miki Bell Enterprises, Inc., a full service convention consulting firm. 

Author, Entrepreneur